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A1Ebooks - Fiction and nonfiction

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A1Ebooks - Fiction and nonfiction

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Shamed To Please by Jonathon Starion

Shamed To Please 
(Jonathon Starion)

Nurse Kline was still coming in and out asking a couple questions that she
says she forgot. If they weren`t on the sheet, why does she need to ask me?

When the big black girl told me to strip, I knew what was coming. Lisha was the one who would administer the more personal type of tests. I guess they wanted someone strong who could control the male and in this case it was me.

I was completely naked and here was this giant of a woman staring at me.

The grin she had told me this was not going to be a fun time, maybe for her it would be and that just sucked.

“Let`s get this out of the way little Les..I mean Linday. Haha. I have to get
used to you being a male. At least you have the equipment of a man, though it leaves much to desire. You`re not a lesbian because you possess a penis but you have a girls name and you also work in a womans business.”

“Definitely, I am a man and take offense to you thinking otherwise.”

“You done wimp? Now you listen and listen good. I take no shit from anyone and least of all a man reminding me of a girl. A couple inches less and you are positively a girl.”

She was laying into me and I had to stand there and take it. This girl was too big for me to tangle with, that was evident.

“As I was saying, here are the rules. Break any of them and I will make sure you regret it. I will notify your department and it will be hell for you, understand me?”

“Yes, you got my attention and I will listen to what you tell me.”

“Ouch! That hurts!”

“Be quiet, if you think that hurts, I have a little surprise for you.”

Lisha took hold of my penis and pulled it straight down. I don`t know what that was suppose to accomplish.

“Little man, that was simply to see your stretching ability, I must say you need some help in that department. You are meant to model the mens wear but I`m not so sure you don`t fit into the womens section better. Hehe.”

Just get me out of here. I wanted to yell it out but was afraid of this monstrosity of a woman.

“Keep your legs spread wide and keep your chin up. We have somethings left to test and I am hungry.”

Lisha grabbed my balls with both her large mitts for hands. Taking the soft skin on both sides and spreading my skin out. As if making a butterfly with my balls. Damn that hurt so bad!

“I`m going to make a suggestion when you start trying the clothes on. Will notify the department head.”

Nurse Kline was called by Nurse Cronnan to come on back. Lisha was not really a nurse according to what I was then told. In fact, she was going to take over the department where I was due to report to.

“See Lindsay my little boy, I told you to behave.”

Lisha`s point was certainly well taken.


Nurse Kline motioned me to follow her to a separate room, I followed with my gown in my hand, just as she instructed me to.

“Lindsay, for your own good you have to let Lisha do what she wants. I am not suppose to tell you this but I will. Mike is not really on vacation as he was made to tell you. In fact, you are now only one of two males left. When Lisha was promoted to department manager, she got rid of the others.”

That explained what was going on. I can`t say I was happy with this but at least I knew where I stand. I now have to give up my previous position to deal with the strange tastes of one huge black girl.

There`s no way when I started this job that I would have agreed to this check up. I would have gone to see my own doctor.

"You have to know Lindsay that when modeling our various clothes that body parts are most visible and if you don`t show up well, the customers won`t buy."

That was indelible and was told me by my manager, Debra Backman.

Debra as she liked to be called with the emphasis on the "bra" was an intelligent 36 year old soft spoken girl. She like the low key approach and
preferred to let her assistants do the ground work.

I liked Debra and seemed to get along as well with her as any girl in the building. Mike was a good friend and the fact he`s gone has changed the whole nature of my job. I didn`t know if I would get a raise or a slight cut in pay. I needed the money desperately to cover my bills and any thing less

than my regular pay would put a lot of pressure on me.


"Lindsay, we need a sample before we can proceed."

"Fine Lisha, where is the mens room? I`ll go, Anyway, I haven`t gone in a while."

"That`s very good little man, I was not referring to taking a pee, I want a
sample of your man seed, you know, the sperm you shoot every time you play with the little sucker."

She was attacking my manhood and I didn`t appreciate it one bit.

Unfortunately, I was not going to stand up and tell her so.

“Look little boy, you better wipe that grin off your face, I don`t like your
attitude and you are wearing on my nerves. Believe me, you don`t want to get me mad.”

She handed me a cup and I disappeared into a little alcove, just behind the
equipment that was all over this office.

Of course I knew what she wanted but the more I played with myself the less hard I was getting. This isn`t good!

“Are you getting close to ejaculating Lindsay? You have already been in there fifteen minutes!”

“I`m very close Nurse Kline, almost ready.”

Shit, I feel so much pressure to get my specimen over with, I can`t get erect enough to cum.

Just as I changed my thought process to get harder, Nurse Kline burst into the tiny room. I couldn`t lock the damn door, I guess they planned it that way.

“Alright Lindsay, what`s the problem here? We don`t have all damn day.”

She grabbed the cup from my hand and I tried to hold on to it.

“Release the damn cup!”

When I didn`t do it fast enough she slapped my face!

“Well well well, that certainly seems to have an impact on you, at least on a
small part of you. The little pecker is telling me something. Apparently you
like getting slapped around. Your penis is growing, what is it now? A good five inches?”

Nurse Kline was rough around the edges but she was right. My penis was responding to her abuse over me.

“Hey guys, come back and check this out. Watch this Lisha and Danni. The little twerp likes to be kicked around by girls. His prick was sitting limp until I
slapped his face one time.”

“Can`t wait to see what he does when the tests really start.”

“Lisha, that will be very interesting but for now we need some semen to test him out. I`ll bet if I snap his dick, he gets like a rock.”

That`s just what Nurse Kline did. She took out a cut off plastic tube and started to slap it against my penis and balls. Lisha saw me try to cover myself and she quickly grabbed my hands and kept them out of the way.

Now I was unprotected and Nurse Kline was hitting the target and it was smarting!

“Look how hard he is now, bet he can cum in another minute.”

“Damn Hilga, you`re right about that. Look at the balls starting to soften after the tube lands on him. You got some good hits on those tender morsels of his.”

“Shit Lisha and Danni, I think we got us a good test case and wait till he puts on the outfits we give him to model. I may orgasm just watching his ass.”


When I finally came before them and it was the pulling of my organ by Danni, that was the last action before I released my seed.

Lisha led the applause, it only made me madder but when you`re naked and bossed around by three nurses, you have no recourse but to follow their orders.

“Now that we got his penis limp, we can go on to the other tests.”

Not what I was hoping to hear.

“Lindsay, you will lie down on your back and place your legs in these stirrups, we need you to elevate your feet. Just relax.”

“Doing my best to Nurse Kline.”

This position was to made to accentuate me. When I realized they tied my hands to the posts on both sides of the table. My legs were already in this device that women usually find themselves in when getting their vagina`s examined. I
never felt this vulnerable and exposed.

My body was still but me ears were working well. I could hear the nurses talking and giggling but couldn`t make out what they were saying.

“Get the tools Lisha, Danni, you bring in the special equipment.”

They seemed to be preparing to operate on me!

My head was in some kind of vice and I wasn`t able to turn and see what was going on. I probably was better not seeing just what they were up to.