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A1Ebooks - Fiction and nonfiction

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Amber's Story 
(J.A. Smith)

Amber's Story

Chapter One

What Went Wrong?


Amber has taken masturbating to new heights. She loves to close her eyes with her favorite vibrator on her pussy and fantasize about some hot lover pleasuring her. She can be as nasty as she likes in her fantasies, as she masturbates her pussy to orgasm.

She begins by setting up a comfortable spot on her bed with a couple pillows for her head and a towel under her ass, in case she gets too wet. She takes off all her clothes, rubs a little lotion on her titties, and a little lube on her pussy. Sometimes she starts by reading sexy stories to get her more in the mood.

With her vibrator ready, she closes her eyes and imagines her lover is with her. He is always tall, handsome, completely naked, and hung with an impressive cock. He is shaven smooth, so his cock and nuts are fully visible. He is a wonderful lover. She turns on her vibrator…he begins touching her softly. He kisses her but does not let his tongue in yet. She wants his tongue against hers. She is horny and wants him to take her.

In her fantasies, her lover always makes her wait. She is ready for more; her vibrator is making her pussy feel very good. She touches her lovers cock. His cock is hard with a plump head on it. She feels his balls and is holding them when she leans forward. She takes him into her mouth. She sucks him, tasting his pre-cum at the tip of his cock. She would love to suck him off and swallow every drop of his cum. Instead, right now she wants to be licked and screwed.

He moves between her legs. She spreads them wide, allowing her vibrator to reach her entire pussy and clit. With her fantasy lover licking her inner thighs, and her vibrator working her clit, it is almost too much. She moves the vibrator off her pussy. She does not want to come before her fantasy lover enters her.

He moves closer to her pussy and softly runs his tongue on each side of it. He teases her slightly before gently touching his tongue to her moist opening. She arches her back, so her pussy is fully available to be pleasured. She almost gets her pussy off with him licking her. Now he begins to move his tongue up her body. He stops a short time at her belly button and then heads to her titties and nipples.

She is ready to be fucked, as he sucks on each nipple. She thinks she feels his hard cock at her opening. She is not sure; it is such a light touch. As he moves his tongue up to her neck, his cock presses more firmly against her pussy lips. She wants him deep in her, but he makes her wait. As he kisses her neck on both sides, she places her vibrator directly on her clit. She cannot take much more and reaches down to slide his cock into her. He stops her saying, “no hands.”

He moves his rock hard cock a little; the head enters her. He moves back and forth getting a little deeper with each stroke. She rides her vibrator and squeezes her own nipples. She keeps herself on the edge of coming, but she cannot last much longer.

Amber has timed it perfectly; her fantasy lover is deep in her pussy, and his lips are on hers. Their tongues meet, as she gets all of his cock. His balls are hitting her asshole with each stroke. As her throbbing pussy gets off, she tells him, “Oh, fuck me, fuck my pussy!”

She lies back on the pillows and moans softly, as the vibrator brings her to another fantastic orgasm.




Amber Martin should have had a storybook life. She was popular at Madison High School, always did well with her studies, and participated in school activities. She is cute, with shoulder length, curly blondish hair, and a nice figure. In high school she was always trim and a bit on the taller side at five foot seven. Her grandparents had moved to this northern California city years ago, and the family still lives here. It is a perfect town…too bad her life has not been equally perfect.

High school was fourteen years ago. Sitting in the coffee shop, sipping a latte and nibbling on a biscotti, Amber feels as if high school was a lifetime ago. She thinks to herself, what went wrong? At nineteen, she married Tom Martin, her high school sweetheart. He had been the captain of the baseball team, excelled at all sports, and was the secret desire of most of the females in his senior class.

Amber finishes her coffee and leaves to meet up with Kelly. Kelly Peterson is four years older than Amber. Kelly is her best friend and work associate. They are meeting to look at a home that is new on the market. Amber met Kelly at the real estate office where they both work. Kelly had been there a few years before Amber started. Kelly helped her learn and advance. They have become close friends. They often go shopping or to a movie together. As agents, Amber and Kelly list homes together and share the duties of an open house.

Kelly is attractive, with a beautiful olive completion. She has a slinky figure with breasts a cup size bigger than Amber’s. Kelly wears her brown hair long and straight. She dresses well and keeps herself looking desirable. Besides being pretty, she is a very caring person.

Kelly has never been married. She has no problem finding plenty of men and women to keep her amused. Getting married was never a big priority; Kelly is not against it, she just has not come upon the right guy.




Driving to their meeting place, Amber’s mind again goes back a dozen years to when she was fresh out of high school. She reflects on her question at the coffee shop about what went wrong. Tom is a couple years older than she is and was a year ahead of her in high school. He is tall, handsome, and has a great tan from working outdoors most of the time. By the time she graduated from high school, Tom already had a job with a construction company. He had not bothered to go to college. They were married when she was nineteen; he was twenty-one. Maybe they were too young.

Amber started at the local college shortly after high school. She did not have any goals for herself nor any idea what she should even major in. Her college time was unproductive and ended halfway through her sophomore year. She quit college and went to work, not long after she married Tom. There was never enough money causing conflicts between them.

Tom had been a high school jock and was happy to keep right on being a jock. Working construction, laying concrete, or building fences, was Ok with him, even though there was no real chance of advancement. He liked working and drinking beer with his buddies. Only in the last couple of years had Amber figured out that not only was he laying concrete, but he was also laying whatever female was handy at the time. She figures she tried to save the marriage longer than she should have. He was fine ignoring her, while chasing other girls in his endless desire for new pussy.

Amber confided in her Grandma Ester about her troubles with Tom. She is extremely close to her Grandma Ester. Grandma had babysat Amber, off and on, the first thirteen years of her life. They played together while Amber was growing up and still enjoy each other’s company frequently. At the age of seventy-six, Grandma Ester is still on the spicy side. When Amber told her about her problems with Tom, Grandma Ester said, “Are you crazy? Dump the bastard. There are plenty of other men out there. You are special Amber; you will have no problem finding a better guy.”

Amber separated from Tom after ten years of marriage. They divorced two years after their separation. Fortunately, they had no children, which was part of their problems. Amber had always wanted children; Tom was never ready. Her biological clock was ticking; she felt she was running out of time. Her prospects have not improved much. In the couple years since her separation, she has not had a serious relationship. She had some dates and had some fun but nothing like a meaningful relationship.

At the time of her divorce, Amber was a little overweight and out of shape. She was so disillusioned she considered becoming a Lesbian. She had seen adult videos of girl on girl sex, and she had some curiosity about it. Even though, she could not imagine doing it with another female herself.




Amber pulls into the parking place where she is meeting with Kelly. Amber thanks her lucky stars for having met her. Kelly is more than a working partner; she is her best friend. Amber can talk to her about anything. Kelly has heard all the horror stories about Tom. She has also been a solid friend to keep Amber on track to get her life in order.

After her separation from Tom, Kelly invited Amber to move in with her. Amber and Tom lost the small home they were buying in the real estate meltdown. Kelly’s house has plenty of room, and she can certainly use the rent money she charges Amber. The house has three bedrooms and two baths. Each girl has their own TV and computer in their bedroom. They try to give each other space. They occasionally have a meal together, but mostly, they are on their own. The house has a big backyard, which is completely private. The deck is a perfect place to lie out in the sun. One of them has occasionally been naked on a chaise lounge, but they have never done it at the same time.

There have been a few other instances where one or the other is only partially clothed. Amber enjoys seeing Kelly almost nude…it is all very harmless. Amber has convinced herself, her feelings about Kelly are normal because they are so close to one another. Nothing has happened between them. Still, Kelly’s smooth skin and nice figure linger in Amber’s mind.

At the new home for sale, Amber and Kelly review their new real estate listing. They make a list of property highlights and small improvements needed to make it more marketable. They are experts at getting properties in top condition, and they work well together.

Looking at the property, Kelly suggests, “When we sell this place, maybe we can use part of our commission to take a trip.”

“A trip, where?”

“I was thinking of a week at an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. One of those resorts where you hang out on the beach all day, drinking tropical drinks. Then all night finding hot guys.” She has a mischievous smile.

“How do you know about such a place?”

“There was an ad in a magazine, and then I went online and found out more. Let’s chat about it at home; I’ll show you the website.”

Amber knows she is not kidding, and it certainly sounds like a pleasant week. They have not had a vacation in over a year. They agree to plan a Caribbean vacation later in the evening at home. When they finish what they needed to do at their new listing, Amber heads back to the office. Kelly leaves to drive to her nail appointment…a frequent and favorite ending of the day.




Wendy, the woman who does Kelly’s nails, used to work out of a beauty shop but now works from her home. Kelly likes to get her nail appointment late in the afternoon on her way home. The two have had many conversations, sharing stories of their sexual adventures. When Kelly is her last appointment of the day, they end with a couple glasses of wine and more details of their naughty times. Being in her home has made sexy conversations easy.

Wendy has been doing Kelly’s nails for several years. From Wendy’s stories, it did not take Kelly long to figure out that Wendy is comfortable being intimate with another woman. Wendy made it a point to make sure Kelly knew she was bisexual. Kelly, on the other hand, had not revealed she was also bisexual, waiting to surprise Wendy at an opportune time. It was not long before they were exploring each other’s bodies with their fingers and tongues.

While Kelly is getting her nails done, Wendy tells her, “I had a super time last Friday evening. I hooked up with Scott at The Wrangler western bar.”

“You always find guys, Wendy.”

“He’s almost a boyfriend; we had a few drinks. Then he asked if he could eat my pussy. Just like that. Guess the booze made him horny.”

“And you accepted, of course.”

“Of course! My pussy was in the mood for a tongue. We went out to his truck in the parking lot. Not the best place to fool around but convenient enough to have some fun.”

“Did he fuck you in his truck?”

“No, this was only licking and sucking. We got in the back seat, I slipped off my pants and panties…he went to work. He has a talented tongue. He got my pussy off twice, and then I sucked him off swallowing all his cum.”

“Wendy you are one of the best pick-up girls I have ever known.” They both laugh.

After the nail job, Wendy asks, “How about a glass of wine? You are my last appointment, kicking back would be great.”

They sit on the sofa while Wendy again tells about her Friday evening playtime details. She tells Kelly what a good job Scott did eating her pussy. Then, looking directly into Kelly’s eyes says, “You know I really love my pussy licked.”

Kelly has no doubt Wendy is giving her a request, and she knows the ball is in her court. Kelly takes a sip of wine and looking over her glass at Wendy tells her, “You know your pussy doesn’t have to wait until Friday night to get some attention.” She places her free hand on Wendy’s knee.

The girls are still looking at each other, as their breathing increases slightly. Kelly can feel her pulse kick up. The wine glasses are set on the table. The two women move closer together. They begin the soft exploration of one another with their fingers. Nothing too intimate yet, arms, shoulders, and legs are all explored.

As they become more aroused and more bold…they touch places that are more private. Wendy moves her hand up to feel Kelly’s breasts, through the thin fabric of her top. Kelly is glad she does not wear bras and loves the feel of Wendy touching her titties.

Kelly returns the favor and begins fondling both of Wendy’s titties. Wendy has a bra on, but Kelly is hopeful it will soon be off. Wendy moves one hand to the side of Kelly’s face and softly kisses her lips. They kiss several times, still touching each other’s breasts. Kelly wants to feel Wendy’s tongue. She puts hers into Wendy’s mouth lightly brushing against her upper lip. Wendy follows her lead, and they begin rubbing their tongues together.

Both girls want to feel their bare breasts pressed against the other. They take off one another’s tops. Wendy removes her bra. They are bare from the waist up and enjoy the view of the other’s firm breasts. Their erect nipples give away their high level of arousal. They massage each other’s bare titties and continue kissing…they both want more.

Hands begin to move lower. Wendy has on long pants. Kelly moves her hand to between Wendy’s legs, massaging her pussy through her thick pants. Kelly wants to devour Wendy, but Wendy is ahead of her. Kelly’s short skirt is invaded by Wendy’s hand. Kelly’s panties are wet and thin; Wendy can feel her moist pussy through them.

Wendy suggests they go into the bedroom. They head down the hall, leaving a trail of clothing as they go. By the time they reach the bedroom, they have shed all their clothes. Kelly lies back on the bed and closes her eyes. Wendy immediately begins licking and sucking on her nipples. Kelly spreads her legs in anticipation of Wendy’s tongue. Wendy sucks her nipples and begins playing with her pussy. Kelly spreads her legs a little farther to give Wendy’s fingers better access.

Wendy moves between her legs; Kelly spreads them as far as she can. Kelly is almost in a trance, as she finally feels tongue on her wet pussy. It is intoxicating. Kelly pinches her own nipples. Wendy’s talented tongue brings her throbbing pussy close to orgasm. Kelly cannot take much more; she squirms on the bed moaning loudly. Wendy’s tongue is deep in her. Kelly squeezes Wendy’s head between her legs, as she comes. Her pussy is still quivering; she longs to taste the wetness of her lover.