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A1Ebooks - Fiction and nonfiction

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Subjugated Men by Orlando

Subjugated Men 

Subjugated Men

Please, I Need to Masturbate


I held out for almost a month and a half this time, but my body had been screaming at me for at least a week. I needed some relief and there was only one way to get it. I had to call the bitch and beg and then… well, that was the big unknown. I would have to debase myself some way but, each time the things she made me do to be allowed to spurt were worse.

“Andrea,” I said when she answered, “please, I really need to…”

“Oh,” she purred, interrupting, “does my little faggot boy need to play with himself?”

“Andrea, please can we talk?” I asked.

“I thought you wanted to have a little audition with your hand puppet,” she chuckled.

“Andrea, we need…”

“A meeting to milk the lizard?” she laughed.

“Andrea, please this is serious,” I said. “I need to meet you and…”

“You mean you need to meet with mother thumb and her four daughters?” she quipped.

I was beaten and I knew it. Why I had ever set her up to be my keyholder with the punitive conditions that I, myself, had insisted on was a mystery. I had asked for a cruel, unforgiving, bitch and that is exactly what I had gotten. I had found a woman that I was sure couldn’t be swayed by pity or any other emotion that might make her lenient and then convinced her to lock my dick up in an inescapable chastity belt.

The conditions for my release were left to her but, only after at least one week and then only after I had performed some degrading, humiliating, shameful, disgusting, sickening, revolting, repulsive task of her choosing.

It had started off with some fairly normal tasks. I had to lick up my own cum. I had to jack off in my own mouth. I had to let her whip me while I beat off.

It went on like that for a while and then the tasks got kinkier and more demanding. I had to serve her friends in drag, then serve them and masturbate in front of them. Then she started making me sexually serve a group of her girlfriends before she would grant me release. That progressed to being an all-day servant with maid, sexual and toilet service where I was a urinal for a multitude of women before she granted me my relief.

As a result, the timing of when I called her went from one week to two to three to… as long as I could stand it before my body didn’t care how degraded it was going to be I just needed a release.

Now, here I was six weeks without a spurt and I had to have one but, the last time the bitch had spoon fed me her shit. Spoonful by spoonful until I consumed it all and then had made me hold the last bite in my mouth while I wanked, after which she gathered up my cum, put it in my mouth and forced me to swallow it all. I wanted so badly to have an orgasm but, I was coming to the end of the degradation I was willing to endure.

“Andrea,” I said, “we need to renegotiate our agreement.”

“Do you remember what you said when we started this?” she asked.

“Well, I…”

“You told me that at some point you would beg to be let out of the agreement, didn’t you?” she asked.

“But, I…”

“And you made me promise that no matter what I was to ignore anything you said, didn’t you?” she asked.

“Amanda, I…”

“And to make doubly sure that I didn’t give in you gave me an incredible incentive if I held firm, didn’t you?” she asked.

“But, Amanda…”

“What was that incentive, slave-boy?” she asked.

“That I would give you ten thousand dollars each time I begged to be released from our arrangement,” I said softly.

“Well, my little log flogger, you now owe me ten thousand dollars,” she said smugly. “Bring it with you when you show up tomorrow. Come at eight sharp.”

“Amanda, can’t we, can’t I come now, please?” I begged.

“Tomorrow at eight,” she said and hung up.

I had screwed myself again. She was going to degrade me again and I was being forced to pay for the privilege. I vowed to never again beg to be let out of the agreement as I had clearly foreseen that I would ask and had cut off that avenue of escape myself. I couldn’t blame her but I had to find some other way out.




At eight sharp I rang her bell. She opened the door and I was shocked to see that she was alone. I heaved a huge sigh of relief because I certainly wasn’t going to be serving the twisted needs of some of her less than savory friends. I held out an envelope with ten thousand dollars in it which she took without looking at it and tossed on the couch.

“Strip,” she demanded, tapping her foot impatiently.

This wasn’t surprising as she always had me naked unless she had me in some frilly girly outfit of a French Maid’s uniform. When I was naked, except for the infernal device on my dick I knelt at her feet and waited for her instructions.

“Put these on,” she said, throwing a set of leg shackles and a collar in front of me.

Again, this wasn’t unusual either as I had told her in the beginning that she needed to restrain me prior to removing my cage so that I didn’t cheat and run out on her before she could put it back on. I locked the leg irons on my ankles and the collar around my neck. I looked expectantly at her. She moved behind me.

“Give me your hands,” she said.

I moved my hands behind me and felt her snap handcuffs on my wrists. That was a little unusual in that she normally left my right hand free into order to be able to masturbate but, sometimes she made me hump her leg or the furniture, so I didn’t panic.

“One final thing I want to remind you of before we get started,” she said, moving back where I could see her face.

I looked at her warily.

“Do you remember that when we started you put in some safeguards to insure that you could never back out?” she asked.

“Yes, Amanda,” I said. “That ten thousand I just brought.”

“I’m not talking about that,” she snapped.

“I don’t understand,” I said dumbly.

“I’m talking about how, when you have asked for relief, you cannot back out no matter what disgusting or degrading thing I ask you to do,” she said.


“And what is the penalty if you refuse?” she asked.

“Uh… I have to pay you ten thousand dollars,” I answered.


“I have to wait six months to ask again,” I said.


“You will expect me to do the same task that I refused,” I said.


“If I refuse again it’s twenty thousand and I have to wait a year,” I said.

“Pretty effective deterrent, isn’t it?” she laughed.

I really didn’t like the way this discussion was going. Plainly she had something planned that I was really going to hate. Something worse than cleaning her fat friend Kathy’s ass, something worse than serving as a toilet for her hen parties, something worse than eating her shit by the spoonful? I was feeling a deep fear in the pit of my stomach.

“Amanda, please, whatever you have planned, please…”

“Shut the fuck up, you sick little flounder pounder,” she said coldly. “You asked to be treated like this and I know deep down it is exactly what you need. And to think at one time I thought of you as boyfriend material. You are nothing but a revolting, repulsive little pump thumper only worthy of licking the bottom of my shoes.”

“Oh my god,” I thought, “if I had known that she might have actually been interested in me I would never have…”

“You are going to crawl into the bedroom behind me,” she said, interrupting my thoughts. “When we get there, you will see a man, naked and tied to a chair. He has a hood on, so he won’t be able to see us. He thinks that he and I are alone and that I’m going to give him the best blow job he’s ever had. In reality, you are going to suck him until he spurts down your throat and I’m going to film it, any questions?”

“Who is he,” I asked.

“Your best friend, Jake,” she laughed.

“Amanda, you can’t,” I protested. “That’s not fair.”

“I can and you will or we will repeat this in six months,” she said.

“Six months!” I thought, “I can’t wait even six more days but… my best friend?”

“Do you understand?” she asked. “You have to be careful and not let him know that it isn’t me giving him head.”

I didn’t like this one bit but compared to some of the really degrading things I had been forced to do in the past this wasn’t really all that bad. I mean I would have to swallow his come but she had forced me to eat mine on numerous occasions and many times I had been her cleaner boy when she came home from a night out. I couldn’t understand why the big buildup about the penalties if I refused. After all he had a hood on and would never know it was me not her that got his nut off. I couldn’t see how this was going to be that bad. Boy was I wrong.

We snuck quietly into the bedroom. Well, I crawled quietly. She began talking right away.

“I told you I’d be right back, baby,” she said sweetly. “It was just a guy selling magazines and I got rid of him. Now, where were we?”

“Best blowjob ever,” his muffled voice came out from the hood.

“Oh, yes, baby, you won’t be disappointed,” she purred, fondling his growing member. “You are going to love this.”

She removed her left hand from his dick and used it to hold her cell phone to record. Her right hand grabbed a chunk of my hair and forced my head close to his dick.

“Lick, gently,” she whispered in my ear.

I began licking his shaft and he started moaning. I wondered if it was the thought of her luscious lips that had him going and what he might be doing if he knew it was me, not her.

After a few licks as foreplay she forced my mouth down over his member and stepped back to get a wider shot. It was obvious that this would make a great blackmail tape if she didn’t already have me so tied up that she didn’t need it to keep me in line. So why the filming?

The answer came in just a few minutes. When it was clear that he was past the point of no return she whipped the hood off his head and got some incredible footage of him shooting his load down my throat. I realized that from the way he was tied and the angle she was shooting from it looked like he and I were willing participants. He looked down, realized it was me and tried to throw me off. It was futile and just made him appear to be really into it.

“What the fuck are you doing, Amanda?” he shrieked. “Get this faggot off me.”

“Now, now, Jake,” she said soothingly, “that faggot, as you called him, just gave you one of the best blow jobs of your life.”

“You are going to pay for this when I get loose,” he snarled.

“Actually, Jake, you are the one who is going to pay,” she said, “and for the rest of your life.”

“Fuck you, Amanda,” Jake said, angrily. “I doubt that you can keep me like this forever and when I get loose…”

“Well,” Amanda said sweetly, “there is this video I have of you two boys going at it.”

“That doesn’t mean anything,” he said, “it’s just…”

“And the one of you sucking your best friend’s dick,” she interrupted.

“What are you talking about?” he laughed. “There is no video of me doing any such thing.”

“There will be in just a few minutes when your best friend shoves his needy little thing between those sweet lips.”

“I’m not going to allow that, and he wouldn’t do such a thing. We’re friends and friends don’t… Hey, buddy, help me out here. Cut me loose and let’s show this bitch her place.”

I looked down at the floor because there was no way I could cut him loose and if Amanda planned for my release to take place in his mouth then that’s what I would do.

“Buddy?” Jake asked plaintively. “Buddy, what’s the deal? Help a friend out, won’t you?”

Amanda laughed and pointed to my dick, “Do you see that thing on his penis?” she asked.

Jake seemed to notice for the first time and then his gaze took in my leg shackles and that my arms were cuffed behind my back.

“What have you done to him?” he asked.

“Only what he asked me to,” she replied.

“He asked you to chain him up like that and lock his dick away?” he asked.


“But how does he have sex?” he asked.

“He doesn’t.”


“Only with his hand or some other degrading way when I allow it,” she answered.